Humbling thought

I’ve never met or seen an atheist who loves people, hate people like the Christians who proclaim they love God.

So often we are Christians get so caught up in who does or does not believe, who God does and does not love (hint: God loves everyone), that we go overboard and totally forget the message: Love.  Compassion.  Kindness.

It isn’t about the hate, the judgements or what categories people fit into.  It’s about that unconditional love.

If only we could remember this.


Deepest Graces

What is deep, fragile grace?

It’s watching the person who you know has little money, give a generous amount of that money, smiling, to a stranger.

A homeless, needy stranger.

It’s watching the nurse, exhausted from her late shift, start the quiet meditation of knitting during her train ride home.

Only to find at the at the next stop, someone who is loud, curious, and desperately needing to be listened to, to be heard…the nurse puts down her knitting and just listens, probably for the 100th time that day.

Deep, fragile grace is the watching, the knowing, the listening, and the giving of grace.

Deep fragile grace is trying to be a daily portrait of God’s grace in a world that is so fractured by our brokeness.

Grace is all around us; all we need do is look.

Grace is within all of us; all we need do is act.

May you always have more than enough grace to give-


About me…

Hi, I’m Liz, the author of deep fragile grace.

Why deep fragile grace, you ask? Why not my name, you ask?

First, I’m a private (ish, private-ish) person. I like to still think I have some veil of privacy although I write a blog.  Ha! Privacy.  I’m even kidding myself some days.

Anyways, so that’s why I don’t have my whole name as a website address.

Two, I like the words deep, fragile and grace, and think they are words that describe both me and my outlook on life…and they are such beautiful words, too.

In regards to me personally, I prefer the word ‘deep’ to words, ahem, ‘too intense’.

That and I find that my life (and my faith) is full of deep, fragile grace.

Deep, as in, not shallow faith or appreciation of life; deep as in that feeling that travels way deep, into your very marrow.

Fragile, as in who I am, who you are, how the world is.  One day our world seems solid and steady, and we’re firmly planted in it; we know how much God loves me. Fragile, as in it changes in a heartbeat and it seems that sometimes the world is so shaky, delicate, and balancing on a thumb tack instead of resting steadily in God’s hands. You know what I mean, friend? That life is uncertain, and some days scary, and some days we remember God’s in control and some days we don’t. Some days we don’t at all.

But grace. Grace helps me remember that there is always more than enough mercy (and grace) from God for all of us, the whole lot of us, despite all of our sins, problems, insecurities and fragilities.

So does that help? Clear as mud?

This blog obviously has a Christian bend, and I will be honest, most of the posts will be about God, Christ, things that either anger me or delight me about Christianity. I’m a Christian and these subjects fascinate me, so it bleeds into my writing.  But don’t hold me to that subject exclusively, as I am also human, so writing a funny post about children, pets, my dislike of laundry, jean shorts and horseradish is totally within reason. And up for grabs, I might add. Who wouldn’t want to read a post about horseradish?

Anyways–all that to say this: enjoy. Hope you get as much enjoyment reading this as I do writing this blog.

If you’d like to drop me a line, please do–but don’t hold me to getting back to you quickly, as well, there is laundry to avoid and children to feed. Email me at deepfragilegrace at gmail dot com. And I’ll work on getting back to you when I can.

And thanks for taking the time to read–I so appreciate you stopping by. Truly.


Christians love (or, at least try real hard to love)

Christians love.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it.  Christians try to love.

Oh, I know, I so know-we are also the ones with the Jesus fish on our bumper who cut you off in traffic (or, sometimes worse),  we are the ones who spout out Bible verses at you like it’s the answer to a question (a question you didn’t even ask), yep, we are the ones who will do anything and everything to show you that you need to believe in God, in Christ…we will do anything (drastic) and everything (aggressive) to show you this….

Everything, that is, except be unconditionally loving.

We have a real challenge with that, and if you have been hurt by a Christian, or Christianity in general in the past, I want to take a moment to apologize.  I’m sorry for all the hurt, the non-love we have caused.

The thing I know for sure is this: God is love.  God loves.

God loves every one of us; those who go to church and think that they are somehow better than everyone else,

those who stay at home at eat cheese puffs instead (not that I’ve ever been this person),

those who are shallow,




All of us, and God loves all the shades of us too-our nice side, our dark side, all of it.

Even that tiny tattoo that no one need know about.

So, please let this be an invitation to you-you who are Christians, or not, or somewhere in between….come in from the cold, and let’s all be nice to each other, ahem, loving, if you will.

I’m quite certain that love is the answer to any of our problems.

You are welcome here-whoever you are, at whatever place you may be-


Welcome! (Again)

Hi! (Again!)-

Welcome to my new and improved site! This is the ‘keeper’ home (hopefully) for my blog, where you can find all my writing and thoughts…

You’ll notice not only do I have a new web address, but a new name; you can find more about what deep fragile grace means to me under the ‘about’ section.

So, come on in, kick up your feet, grab a warm cup of coffee, and enjoy.

I’m glad you are here.