About the photos…

About the photos-

All the photos/images I feature on my site are generously donated from friends, and free sites with creative common licences.

I have featured images from Mayang’s Free Texture library in the past, and starting today, featuring images and beautiful photos from my friend Colleen D., who is a lovely hobbyist photographer from Dallas.

Holler at me if you want me to send you her contact info!

And many thanks, dear Colleen.



Recovery Room

Here’s a thought: life is one big recovery room.

I see this as a truth, as aren’t we all recovering from life to some degree?

Some of us are recovering from internal bleeding and bruising of the heart.

Some of us are recovering from the constant and continual paper cuts of life’s little problems.

And some of us have been so hurt by others, so abused by life that we are almost injured beyond recognition.

Yet here we are; all stuck together in this giant recovery room we call life.

We are not separated by degree of injury, type of injury, or health care plans;

We are not separated by how we deal with anger, loneliness or lack of love;

We are all stuck with one another, whether we love it or loathe it.

And yet, knowing this, we still stare at each other down as if we were on a lifeboat together.

We are constantly assessing whether or not that other person is good enough, healed enough or strong enough to be worthy of a seat on the lifeboat.

We scrutinize each other.  We judge.

But, we seldom realize that, along with God, we are all that we’ve got.

And ironically, that we are all we need.

If only we remembered this.

Another humbling thought.

Here’s another humbling thought: I make mistakes.

No biggie to you, I’m sure, but yesterday I wrote a post that made sense in my head, but said something entirely different.

What a difference a comma can make.

Anyways, so that has since been corrected, but still-it makes me very aware of two things:

-Probably wouldn’t hurt to proofread my writing three times before posting, and probably shouldn’t post so early in the morning,

and two:

-I seem to make more blatant, brash, harmful mistakes when I seek to satiate my ego instead of God.

Now, if I could only learn this.  For good, this time.