Working hard or hardly working? Aren’t we over this joke now?

Hi there!

In case you’re wondering what I’ve done and/or capabale of, here’s a little background which is a hybrid of both corporate and freelance positions in the last ten or so years.

Previous to all of this, I was a cute girl who wore high heels all day (all day! On non-cushioned retail floors) while I restocked clothing and cleaned out countless dressing rooms for my clients at Harold’s and Neiman Marcus. NM liked me so much that I also had a stint in Men’s buying office for a while where I met one of my favorite friends. And also learned how to balance champagne in one hand while checking the thread count in men’s shirts samples in the other.

And then, onto advertising:

Project Manager for 6 years for AT&T, 7-Eleven and LALA Foods

Social Media Strategist/Copywriter for See’s Candies, LALA Foods (circa 2012 – 2015)

And…a cool position creating a branded, multilingual social media network for a Parisian-based B2B electrical company:

eCommerce Community Manager, Rexel Group (2015/2016)

Meanwhile, writing all along since 2010

Freelance Writer (2010-current) bylines here:


High Five/Highlights – Aug 2019 High Five issue

Mothers Always Write http://bit.ly/coltpiece


Dallas Child https://bit.ly/2Y79y1u

MOPS (speaker in 2016/2017)

Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday writing challenges


NorthPark Presbyterian Church (2012/2013)

Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church (2018/2019)

Looking for more? Or interested in having me look at some of your marketing and/or check your hemlength? (Still a die-hard marketing and fashion fan) email me here: lrasleywrites at gmail, and we can chat!