Saturday Night Stories

Saturday Night Stories – Story 1

Mr. Worm

Deep underground under one of the busiest sidewalks in new York, lives Mr. Worm.

He loves his warm home but gets bored sometimes.

Plus, he knows that there is a busy, exciting world above; after all, he hears the constant footsteps on the cement all day.

He makes his move – squirming up quickly in the crack in the sidewalk in the lull of footsteps between the morning stampede and lunch.

He smiles at the wide, wide world.

Then, quickly unrolls, back into his long worm shape into a seam in the sidewalk as several big shoes nearly squash him.

Whew, he thinks, as he stares up at the sky, getting his bearings and some ideas worked out.

He hears the pause between the steps and inches toward the edge of the sidewalk and out of the seam.



And these big, big clear boxes full of shiny and colorful things!

He is amazed. All of this! Outside his door!

He looks down. Feels a little embarrassed. What is he to do, to wear?

All around, the big feet have these pretty things with them – dresses, shoes, hats. Oh the hats.

He inches more closely, hopeful for a gaze inside.

He looks at the big clear boxes.

He is sad.

Opening the door, the enormous door could kill him. After all, he is just a small worm.

“Hey you!”  a little whiny, tinny voice comes from behind.

It’s a green beetle, complete in a suit, and a cane. And a hat.

“My friend, my friend!” says this round green beetle. Mr. Worm looks around. Has he seen this beetle before? Certainly not. Not any friend he recognizes anyway.

“Come inside!” says the green beetle excitedly.

Mr. Worm notices a miniature set of clear boxes full of shiny things also, “a proper shop” the green beetle calls it.

“Let’s get you fixed up!” calls the green beetle, in a cherry, tinny voice.

Mr. Worm peers inside the shop. There are suits and ties, dresses, shoes and even a small set of socks in this beetle’s shop.

Mr. Worm is delighted. He walks into the shop.

And that’s exactly how Mr.Worm ends up with a hat.

And a bowtie.


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