Deepest Graces

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What is deep, fragile grace?

It’s watching the person who you know has little money, give a generous amount of that money, smiling, to a stranger.

A homeless, needy stranger.

It’s watching the nurse, exhausted from her late shift, start the quiet meditation of knitting during her train ride home.

Only to find at the at the next stop, someone who is loud, curious, and desperately needing to be listened to, to be heard…the nurse puts down her knitting and just listens, probably for the 100th time that day.

Deep, fragile grace is the watching, the knowing, the listening, and the giving of grace.

Deep fragile grace is trying to be a daily portrait of God’s grace in a world that is so fractured by our brokeness.

Grace is all around us; all we need do is look.

Grace is within all of us; all we need do is act.

May you always have more than enough grace to give-


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  1. Cheryl P

    Wow, Liz! Your write so beautifully and have a true gift. You are using that gift to glorify God. Wonderful!


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