Jesus Loves Me

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Jesus loves us.  All of us.

Jesus loves me and died for me, even the me who was a naïve and a silly sweet 16 year-old many years ago, even loves me now; the 33 year-old me who acts like that clueless 16 year-old some days.

Jesus loves me, adores me, even on the days that I am bad, the days I do wrong.  Jesus loves me on the days I wonder if anyone still loves me; He is with me. Jesus still loves me.  He still died for that feeling, for the trash I act like some days and the trash I put up with other days.

He loves me: as I am now, as I was then, as I will be.  He loves me: whether I am an infant, a grown adult, a 10 year-old who knows better or a 75 year-old who should have learned that lesson a long, LONG time ago.

He loves me through hate, He loves though I take his name in vain and blindly assume that I know exactly all about Him and all of His character. He loves me though sometimes I can’t stand His people and wonder why in the world He chose those disciples.

He loves me so much that He knew me, He formed me before I was born, is with me through the ENTIRE bittersweet journey here on earth; He loves me even enough to die with me, and usher me to the life after this one.

He loves me enough to have walked in my human shoes; He loved me enough to make an utter fool of himself and allowed himself to be totally degraded on the cross; He did all of that-not for money, not for fame and certainly not for fun, but for love.

He did that all, ALL of it so I had the right to complain about this sweet, sweet life, so I had the right to choose who I would follow, He did it all so that there would be no question as to who He loves….and yet we still wonder if we are good enough for His love.

We aren’t. But He loves us anyway.

Thank God for His grace.

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  1. Emily mays

    Wow. Even though I know this in my heart there are many days that I forget it. Thanks for the reminder you are excellent with words.


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