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So, lately I’ve made a realization.

I need to take this whole blogging thing slower.

Yes, you heard me.  Slower.

I understand I am already slower than snail-like when it comes to posts; I post 3-4 times a month and I am asking you, dearest 86 readers, to be patient with me while I learn to balance life and work and writing and take it slower than watching grass grow.

I’d love for you all to stick around, check in on the 15th and 30th, when I’ve committed to writing new posts; but I understand that this is real life.  A lot of you don’t have the time to be patient with someone who moves in millimeters worth of time instead of the usual yards everyone else covers in a day.

That’s ok.  I get that.

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to lose any of you all, dear readers, or any of the “progression” I’ve made with this writing thing. I understand that although I may want to gain more and more readers for this honest, truthful post, I also that this may be a daydream, and there will be some potential fallout of some people who would rather have new content from me weekly.  I totally get that and don’t blame you for that feeling.

However, my life is out of balance at the moment, and the one thing I really want to do superbly at in life is to love well is exactly the thing I’m not doing well.

So I have to take another step back.  And focus on life and work and my family and laundry.  Yep, that ugly, big, growing laundry monster.

Is the laundry really more important than writing you ask?

Of course not.

However, if I am truly going to love well- the one big, beautiful thing I want people to remember about me-sometimes doing the laundry and keeping everyone in non-wrinkly clothes is a part of that.

And same goes for the dishes. Sigh.

But, enough about me.

Just wanted to let you all know to check back in on the 15th and the 30th.

Hope to have some really good stuff for you then.


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  1. Cheryl P

    This is the life of a mother and wife who isn’t completely focused on yourself. It’s work and time-consuming and unfortunately often unappreciated. However, it must be done. I often feel like I’m a snail because at the end of the day, I look back knowing that I never stopped moving, and I have nothing to show for it. For example, yesterday I vacuumed every carpet and mopped every tile floor. It took me 2 1/2 hours. I even washed the bath mats. There won’t be a word about it. No bonuses or raises. However, I’ll feel a little less cluttered – a little more balanced. It helps my sanity and makes me feel like I’m doing one of my many jobs. I have to be satisfied with that, and over time, I’ve become that way. We understand if you can’t write regularly. When I get your blogs, it’s an extra treat. Quite frankly, I don’t like getting a bazillion emails from everyone. The few gems you send are about perfect to entice me to read them and treat myself between laundry loads. If they were daily, I’d never do it; weekly – perhaps, bi-monthly or monthly – perfect!


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