Gracefull, part 1

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Hi All-

So, sorry about the due date.  I’ve missed it. Sigh.

With work and life and potty training, (oh my!) I am behind with this post already.  Don’t you love that? Already behind before the day begins.  Seems I’ve had a lot of days like that in the last month.

So, all that to say this: I would rather take the time to carve out a new post that’s worthy of reading instead of this dribble, which is really an apology-not really a post or good writing, for that matter.

Please hang on.  Please be patient with me, as I have a good one coming, the idea just needs refining. Just so you know-all my ideas usually appear like we do-they awake from dreams with crazy hair and bad breath-hair that needs to be somewhat untangled and cleaned up and well, made ready for the day.  And it’s not there yet, this idea.

And with two weeks of straight car repairs (on BOTH cars-mercy) and the other details of life, I’m not sure I’m there yet either.

So, here’s hoping that tonight and/or tomorrow I can get my ideas and their act together (am hoping this for me too, personally), their hair at least brushed and all the off-the-wall ideas calmed down and made into something meaningful and relevant.  Here’s hoping for peace out of chaos, insight and clarity from the mess of life.

Isn’t that our wish daily for life, anyways? Clarity out of chaos, out of mess?

More to come soon, pinky-swear-

Thanks for reading,





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