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Hi Again-

I’m doing this 5 minute writing challenge again, just can’t get enough of it, I guess…

As just a reminder, here’s what this challenge is all about-

This is a weekly writing “game”  from my bloggy friend Lisa-Jo Baker, who blogs (and writes heart-breakingly, beautiful words and stories) at

So, here’s the challenge: you write for 5 minutes, free, like you have no fear or shame or no editor inside your head (the editor part-that’s a hard one for me)…and then you link up to her blog, and encourage the writer who links up before you.

Each week is a new word, a new thought starter, and you have 5 minutes to write….and are you ready? go-


We teach our children to play nice, don’t bite friends, color inside the lines and connect the dots, yet we are blind to see how our own dots connect too.

We think that because he is handsome or she is strange that there is no connection, that we are nothing alike.

And yet we teach our children to do what we haven’t learned yet it is so elementary –

That if you have breath, if you have experienced suffering and joy and breathe-if you have a soul-you have connection.

We forget that joy/suffering/hardships/happiness and the great illusion that we are in control are commonalities that we all share; we forget that all, we forget the dotted line.

And we think we can only relate to those with the same taste in shoes as us, the same political beliefs, the same set of china and yet what we realize some days and miss most others is that because we are simply human we have much in common, much to connect.

If we have life, love, air to breathe, a sun to appreciate than we have connection, we have each other.

3 responses

  1. ramblingmomma

    i loved this entry!! bless you my dear blog sister


  2. realinginlife (@Realinginlife)

    I agree. It is easier to tell our children not to bite–and have biting words. To tell our children to share–and not share. To expect our children to connect–and put up walls and forget how we are connected. We divide so easily.
    Thank you for your post.


  3. kimvanderpoel

    Thank you for reminding us to connect the dots! Beautiful!


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