Five Minute Friday – Graceful

Hi Everyone-

I’m doing this 5 minute writing challenge again…and again.

As just a reminder, here’s what this challenge is all about-

This is a weekly writing “game”  from my bloggy friend Lisa-Jo Baker, who blogs (and writes heart-breakingly, beautiful words and stories) at http://lisajobaker.com/

So, here’s the challenge: you write for 5 minutes, free, like you have no fear or shame or no editor inside your head (that’s last one’s a hard one for me)…and then you link up to her blog, and encourage the writer who links up before you.  This last piece is crucial, as we need to encourage others.

Each week is a new word, a new thought starter, and you have 5 minutes to write….and are you ready? go-


Graceful: an adjective, full of grace, tenderness.  Overlooking one’s faults, being ok with other people not being perfect. (my own definition, by the way.)

Grace-It’s a name we give our girls, in hope, in valiant hope that one day when we are yelling at the top of our lungs at her teenage self with all the slamming doors and pouting to get down here, now, we will be able to recall the definition of grace and exactly why we named her that.

Graceful-it’s something we aim to be; it’s something I struggle with, especially on the days that are too long, the people too much to handle, the burdens too heavy to bear.  Graceful is who I want to be, down to the word being etched on my tombstone but the truth is most days and hours I end up grace-less and grace-empty instead of what I want to be known as: full of grace, like Wednesday’s child.  Like maybe, potentially, one day, like Christ.

2 comments on “Five Minute Friday – Graceful

  1. Well, fudge, Apparently Wednesday’s child is full of woe, and Tuesday’s child is full of grace! Oh well. Grace for my own mistakes, right?


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