Messing around and trying things on for size…

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…that’s what I’ll be doing here, on and off for a couple of days.  You know, like trying on clothes.

Sure, this blog (the theme/layout is called “fruit shake”) is cute, but something in my eyes goes all crazy when I see the lemon-colored box to the right.  I’m a happy person, but not a bright yellow sunshine kind of happy person, so naturally I have to fix this. NOW.

Patience has never been my strongest virtue.

So, there are other colors in the Fruit Shake theme like pink and green (which is cute, but too girly and more bedspread-y than blog-y) and a blue series which is beautiful, just beautiful, but all my words then read like I’m going through an episode of Major Depression.

So, the bullet points: this blog may change in look/background but the words and the me, still the same.

Hang on–it’s going to be an interesting ride!

And thanks for reading–


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