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I’m doing this 5 minute writing challenge again..and late. Again.  Same old song and dance.  I used to beat myself up about it, but this is my real life, this is what happens on a Friday night; I post late.  Or in this particular case, I post the Five Minute Friday on Saturday night.  Yes, I’m aware of the irony.  But, regadless-I’m still giving myself grace and yet also a pat on a back for doing it.

So, moving on-

A reminder in case you’ve missed it, this is the Friday Five Minute writing challenge, just in case, you know, you want to play sometime too-

This is a weekly writing “game”  from my bloggy friend Lisa-Jo Baker, who blogs (and writes heart-breakingly, beautiful words and stories) at

So, here’s the challenge, should you accept it: you write for 5 minutes with freedom like you have no fear or shame.  And then you have to be brave (or pretend to be) and link up to her blog. Encouraging the writer who links up before you is part of the deal, too.  This last rule is crucial, as we all need to encourage others. Why encourage another writer? Because at one point or another in our lives, we all need encouraging too.

Each week is a new word, a new thought starter, and you have 5 minutes to write….and are you ready? go-


thanks to Michal Marcol for the image.

Opportunity: it knocks, it shouts, it whispers, it whimpers, it begs to be let in, to take the chance, to ride the wild roller coaster of choice.

Opportunity is of course the name we give chance when it’s expected, when it’s something of a wish coming true; something so tasty we dare not let it pass us by without a small bite, a lick.

The ugly side of fate, is what we call opportunity that is unbidden, unwanted, and frankly so yucky that we dare not touch it.

But opportunity-opportunity is not the knock but really making the best of whatever comes along, whatever chance happens to land at our doorstep door. Opportunity really, is the choice we make by making the best of things-good or bad.

7 responses

  1. Barbie

    I’m glad you decided to take the opportunity to link up, even late. I like to visit the posts over the weekend and alway start reading the ones who linked up last! Love your post!


    1. deep fragile grace

      Thanks, Barbie!


  2. jana’s three dresses

    Oh, this is absolutely beautiful!!! I wrote a similar post on Opportunity. The title of your post at the linky up caught my attention. So happy to have found you. I really like your writing voice and style. ~jana


    1. deep fragile grace

      Thanks, Jana! That is so kind to say, and glad you stopped by.



      1. jana’s three dresses

        yep! I really like your blog. Blessings, jana


  3. Martha G. Brady

    hi, i’m you’re neighbor. nice to meet you. tried to get onto your about page, but couldn’t get into it. loved your post today, especially the last line! so true!


    1. deep fragile grace

      Hi Martha-glad you stopped by! And sorry about the “about” page-yep, looks like it’s still on holidays. Thanks for the head’s up, and hope you have a good night-



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