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Right now

Right now, I am really trying to avoid writing (though yes, I do love it) since I’d like to do some more of the fun stuff for myself, which includes meal planning and then, THEN, reading some books on the habit of creativity.

I know. I’m a thrill a minute! Can you imagine?

So, here I am thinking about dinners, and my son currently is in there, trying to take his you-know-what, and is laughing to himself, he’s so tired.

Laughing! Making his own self laugh!

He’s like me in that when he’s Tired with yes, a capital T, he gets delirious.

Delirious – and just like me, anything and everything’s funny, so funny, of course, that you almost start crying it’s so hilarious. As cool as you think that might be in terms of an indicator of a Very Tired Place, it’s also a difficult slippery slope – the next minute you can be sobbing. Or, at least in my case. He hasn’t presented that yet, so let’s hope he’s just all laughs.

When I’m feeling exhausted, I deliriously laugh, but for the record – haven’t been able to make my own self crack up like he can do. Kids – what a delight and joy.

Until of course, he giggles so much he doesn’t nap. Then the words “joy” and “delight” are far, far from the words I’d use to describe him then.

Oh, the daily life of being a parent – so much wonder, delight, frustration and confusion.

In the meantime, just thinking about if (the magic if) I’ll be able to pull off the magic trick that is getting my family to eat broccoli cheese soup. The person who wrote this particular recipe said it was created around the idea that the cheese is the vehicle to get veggies into tiny tummies, so that’s something I can get behind.

Thanks to Serge Bertasuis Photography and freedigitalphotos.net for the imagery

My daughter, however…just about faints at any mention of the V-word.

In fact, the other day, we had a full-blown tantrum from just the sheer thought of having to eat green beans AGAIN. On the floor sort of feelings about this.

I love her dearly, but don’t mind me – just snickering in the corner.

Hoping your day is going well, and that your plans for the weekend include whatever version of happiness my meal planning extravaganza and exciting quiet book reading activity makes me.


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