See you on the flipside


Hi friend-

If you’re reading this, yay for you! You clearly are one of my most faithful readers, as who knows when the last time I updated my blog was. Cheers to you for being supportive!

And, if you’re reading this after a long absence, well, I get it. I haven’t been like clockwork with this either unfortunately, so no worries.

Which leads me to the point of this post: I’m taking a short leave from the blog.

This year is a banner birthday year, and with that, I’d like to (finally) get some of my goals for my writing done. Which means I’ll have to pour all of the 10% of energy, time and brainpower that I have to myself into my big goals for my writing. Which includes writing pieces for well-known publications as well as writing a book. Yes, finally. (I’ve been saying this for years; time for the rubber to meet the road and this year is as good as any.)

Now, as to if that’s a children’s book or a memoir or something faith based? Not sure. Still waiting on some direction and guidance on what the exact project will be. But some sort of book will be written. And pitched. Of course I’d love a “yes, we’ll take this” but I am realistic in that there will be a lot of no thank yous before a good, solid “yes.” It’s just the way things work.

But I have a much better chance of a yes if I actually write and pitch a book, a truth I’ve been repeating to myself when my knees start shaking. Acceptance and book deals are not part of my goal; just the actual work of getting it DONE is the goal. And done is a very good place to start.

So, all that to say this: Blog posts for me this year are few(er) and far(er) between. But not at the sake of writing–that keeps my soul alive and well–but, unfortunately, at the sake of blog posts here (for a short time, not a forever.)

In the meantime, if you would like to read some of my things (many thank yous if you do!) while I’m taking some time to hopefully write more (meaningful) and (good) things, here’s where you can find some of my writing:

On raising a daughter imperfectly: http://bit.ly/coltpiece

On how I did life while being a working mom: (WHEW. Fist bumps to ALL the working parents out there!) http://bit.ly/2xrvIPQ

Some thoughts about grief: http://bit.ly/bookended

Some thoughts about the laundry: http://bit.ly/2rySyTM

When you’re mother of the year: (not) http://bit.ly/transistions

If you’d like to follow me on social media (which I still do, for the most part) find me here:

Dream homes, how to clean, recipes, weird stuff that makes me laugh, mothering things and my favorite quotes: (Pinterest) @lrasley

Micro blogging and my latest parenting adventure/failure: (Facebook) @lrasleywrites

140 characters, every 6 months or so: (Twitter) @lrasley

A picture every now and again, while wondering if I am cool enough to post my things here: (Instagram) @lrasley

And one last note–probably the most important thing in this post–thank you for reading my things and cheering me on all these years. Appreciate it so.



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