Things I learned on Christmas break

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Things I learned on Christmas break, in no particular order:

Ioana Tabareca

1. My family (and mostly me, if we’re being honest) love Frozen 2 so much. So much. We saw it twice, and loved it so much I do believe we’ll be characters from Frozen 2 for Halloween. My coloring and the clothing (cheers for the costume/animation designer here!) dictates that I should be Anna, but but my kids said “No, mom. You’re Elsa.” My daughter added that it was because I was “cold.” I’m taking that as a compliment and moving on.

2. I found Sweeney’s Internet Tendency recently, and just loved anything by Wendi Aarons. You’d do yourself (and your sense of humor) a favor by reading, especially on a dreary Monday.

My favorite is this piece by her (and another great one by her: Airline Passengers as Described By Their Pants, which I giggled way to hard at, especially the “guitar” bit.)

3. Just like our real, live tree this year, my patience also has an expiration date.

4. My family loves spaghetti sauce and ketchup big-time, and will put it on just about anything. Including things that already have spaghetti sauce on it.

5. I love my family, I love my life, I love the holidays. But I also love the New Year, love my independence, and love working and writing. And love getting everyone back on their normal schedule and routine and back to real life. Including me, who cannot eat another Christmas cookie if my life depended upon it.

6. December is busy. So is January and February, and if I have any hope to get my (writing) goals met this year, well, early mornings here I come. And, perhaps that book of essays and screenplays better figure out how to write themselves.

So, Happy New Year, everyone. Here we go.

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