In Unity

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In unity, we rise.

In courage, in determination, in scrubs, in real pants, in stretch pants and sweats. And pajama pants, our nation’s new work-appropriate pant choice.

In unity we wave, or high five from a distance, or salute,

With eagerly returned gestures with gloved hands, hands covered in plastic bags or with hands in garden gloves. Or whatever creative way we’ve come up with to protect ourselves and others.

In unity we smile,

With our genuine smiles, the up to your eyes smiles, under N95 masks, surgical masks, homemade masks, scarves, and masks made to look like part of a ninja costume so kids will be less afraid.

In unity we fight,

By not letting neighbors go hungry, mowing another’s lawn, donating to food banks, buying from our favorite restaurants, and checking in on people. All the big and small ways we let our communities and people know that we care for them. Especially the most vulnerable.

In unity we will rise,

When we have fought this thing with all we have, when we have learned to love and care for one another again, and when it’s time.

In unity, we will love, And we not let fear or lack be our nation’s calling card.

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