Yippee! (and other inappropriate thoughts during a pandemic.)

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So, yes, here we are! In the middle of a pandemic + upheaval of all the systems (long overdue, in my opinion) AND in the middle of an upcoming election, and here I am, sharing *one* too many exclamation marks. I’m very sorry, but as I was talking over the phone with a friend yesterday, you really got to hang on to that one particular thing that’s not on fire. And then, really LEAN ALL in.

So, with me, leaning into good things are my writing, my family, my dog.

I will run like an idiot chasing the dog, and then before I know it, our whole posse is chasing the dog in the most backward bull run ever, laughing with all our collective tongues hanging out.

Same with the could-not-be-classified-as-a-game weird improvs/games/bits we get into over my give up dinners of corndogs and applesauce.

And likewise with my writing. It’s life-giving. It lets me off the leash, gives me fresh hope within in this upside down world of feeling like Atlas, yet being bored and also somehow having to manage/cope/function with crushing heavy feelings and still keep up with the laundry.

So, with all that, happy to announce my (newest) essay, “I’m Fine. Really,” at one of my favorite internet places: Fathom.



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